Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Suicidal Tendencies of Inanimate Objects


It took so long, but now I see,

I now realise we are all suicidal!

Even the pizza!

Im sure... if you knew that in 30 minutes or less you'd be brought to somones house and tortured by having bits of you torn off! think about it! it would be horible!

How about the shoes!

If you were stepped on for hours and hours each day! Would you like it to be tortured like our ininimate objects???

Just think about that next time you get out of bed, where you have been fucking a four hundred pund gorilla! You may be hurting... but think about the bed, its got the weight of both of you on it!

Posted at 07:23 pm by Vivaciousdemon
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To Live Is To Be Evil...

Spell Live backwards... eviL... thats right!
To live is to be evil... Life is evil.
There are thousands of people in the world... atleast one hundred must want to kill some annoying bitch as much as me, right? If not, I must be really crazy! or mabey the rest of the world is crazy and I just got luck and was sane!...
Who knows?
Did i kill her?
Nah, I dont wanna kill her, I cant, love the bitch, but I still would love to...
Sadistic bitch! me, just a Masochistic moron, you'd think I would hurt myself enough, but I need her too!Message

Posted at 07:15 pm by Vivaciousdemon
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